Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Review

Blood That Bonds
by Christopher Buecheler

I got this book as a recommendation from a friend on Two is the girls name which from the start had me interested. I was surprised at how the story started with Two working as a street walker. A pimp who beats her while she is addicted to heroin.  The pictures this book paints in you head when you first start reading is very graphic. The book then takes a turn to the Pretty Women side but with Vampires. She gets picked up by a wealthy man in a Ferrari however he is a you guessed it a vampire Two falls instantly in love with Theron (the vampire) he takes her and starts driving and takes her to get food. Then he feeds off her!
The book then slowed down for me took me a little longer to read all the rebirth and history of Theron. Not that it wasn't interesting because it was. I just think I was expecting a bit more action.  After awhile you meet other vampires and well the ending seamed to drag a little to almost like you got the ending to the first part of Two's life and a ending to the second part in Twos life.  I know that there is a second book in this however I don't think I will be reading it. I enjoyed this book I just think I got for the most part the closure with the character.  Christopher does leave it open for the second book. My love for Two and Theron however was what I wanted to see continue. I did not expect the ending that I got which was nice it was different the couple to live happily ever after well you will have to see that just for your self. I may read the second book just to see how Two is doing.
I have to say if your into vampires and the back history of them then this is a good book. However if your wanting more action i would choose something else.  I don't think it will get a two thumbs up from me maybe just one. I wouldn't read it again however I don't feel my time was wasted reading it.

This is my first book in parajunkees vampire challenge! Check it out on parajunkees page the button can be found here on my site.  On to the next book I just downloaded a few to the kindle now what to choose next.
Have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy!

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