Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review of Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch

Tales of Araid The Last Witch By L.A Jones
This is a story that starts out in the Salem witch trials era. I was concerned when this started that it was going to be a history novel. This was not what I expected. There was some very graphic parts in the novel. I found a connection to Aradia with the way she felt about her high school when she moves to Salem. She walks in to see those that are there walking around like she is not even there, yet some look at her like she is walking around with a sign on her forehead.  Amazing that this book puts the all of the different fantasy characters together in one book let alone in one high school. In so many ways this book was written well but there are many spots where the book had misspellings and smashed together words.  The description of  how she took her energy out the way she runs threw the forest I can hear the music playing and feel the strength in the way she gets her anger out. Aradia befriends/makes a enamy with a fae. She also falls for a warewolf and a vampire. Sound at all familar??? Well it doesnt really go that way. This does leave it open for another book which is fine. I however dont see myself reading the second book.  Over all not a bad free book for kindle. I give this a half a tumbs up. A good YA UF but just to familar for me.


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