Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Birthday Review

The Department of Lost & Found By Allison Winn Scotch. This book put me in a place I wasnt sure I wanted to revisit. It touched places near and also a place that was shut out in me. I cried in a few parts of this book along with laughter. I would read this book a hundred times over again. I may just have to do that.
With Natalie only being 30 years old diagnosis breast cancer and stuck in her career and her ever failing relationships I never thought she would get the picture. Honestly the way she says over and over again I have cancer makes you feel as if cancer is her other half. To know some of the things a cancer patient  goes threw to see the details of the things that just make Natalies life hell and takes away her spark. Only to see that her old boyfriend Jake bring it back. You hold out and hope that she will find herself  find her footing amoungst all of the crap she is going threw. I have never been so tempted to want to jump in a book and just smack a person. I know the honesty that has to be carried out with a cancer patient, the fact is you cant let it control you the way she does. I never really got  to see what my Aunt went thew to know the side effects from her chemo she had but after reading this it opened up those doors. My Aunt has been gone for 5 years now and it has taken me this long to even listen to anything that had to do with cancer. I think for most people they are faced with knowing someone who has it or they have it themselves. This book puts you in the moment from the steps she takes with each one of her relationships to the choices she makes in her health care. She is a strong willed women on the verge of falling apart. While she is falling a part she looks for the answers to why her relationships never worked. Not to realize the one good thing she needs is right in front of her the whole time. I think if your ready for a full on feelings fest this is a great book. She drags you threw the emotions of the treatments to the hell Natalie has in her relationships weather it be with her parents, friends, coworkers, or former boyfriends. Allison weaves you a story that you can envision stepping into for more then just the moment. Descriptive and honest just the way I like my writers. I felt the pain that battles inside of Natalie when she talks relationships along with the way she feels about her relationships with men.

This book was a complete surprise to me. I was not sure if I was ready to read this to come to terms with what not only my Aunt had but the fact that my Grandfather passed from cancer along with sitting next to a living breathing survivor everyday. I think this book will make you respect those who you know have gone threw and battled this  and won. Allison puts a good spin on the ending but hey I will leave that to you to read.


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