KZ Adult Hour

First if your not 18 years of age stop now and turn around!!!
I have never been one to read romance novels they are just not my type of thing. However I have been introuduced to a new type of genera and it looks like I may be reading some more of these. So I decide to do a Adult hour review page. I was introduced to this type of book reading a few thing from different blogs. I have to tell you I never ever thought in a million years I would read one of these book but I loved it. 

So for my First Adult hour book I am going to introduce you to The Dom Of My Dreams: A BDSM novel By M.F  Sinclair 

Marjorie Fordham is just itching to sign up the hottest author in the world into her quaint little publishing house. Well, she’s also itching for other things, to be honest. So what if she finds the author attractive? And so what if he makes an offer she cannot refuse? So what if she accepts? And so what if David J. Seton is everything she has ever wanted in a man? He is a Dominant male with some ulterior motives up his sleeve, something that both terrifies and excites our feisty, independent, love-is-for-needy-chicks-and-not-for-me heroine. She has entered a world of Domination and submission, one she cannot free herself from, no matter how hard she tries to fight it.

Yes yes yes!!! This book opened me up and let me accept the crazy world of BDSM wow... Marjorie finds herself in a situation that she cant refuse should she or shouldn't she. Marjorie works as a book publisher for a small company. Bookends A to Z is sending out Marjorie to court this big time author David Seton. He puts a offer out on the table she tells her as long as she follows along he will sign with the company. Marjorie sees men as nothing but a sex organ she doesn't love her lovers she is to afraid to even get close to them.  However when David steps in you can tell she has something for him something deep and profound she however will not admit it to him let alone herself.  David and Marjorie's first encounter was amazing there next was even better yet. I mean somewhere deep down I think everyone women wants a man to take control of her and I am sure that every man wants to take a control of him and well a little of this and a little more of that happens.  The sex in this is amazing and there is a story behind it. This book makes you want to see what happens next with Marjorie and David.  I think the only part I dont like is that he will call her every now and then his whore. That is something I dont really agree with. However Still an amazing well written book with just enough sex and just enough of a story line. If your looking to maybe explore the world of BDSM book I would say this book could be a good start.

I hope you enjoyed the first of many KZ Adult Hours!!!