About Me

Hi Everyone! I wanted to tell you all a little about me hence the about me page. My name is Kristen I go by KZ because those are my initials and well its just easier that way. I live in the Midwest and love to read. Its great to snuggle up in the middle of winter when its snowing outside with a cup of hot chocolate and a book to read. I have been reading more and more lately I like to read to expand my knowledge and its nice to use my imagination.
I have read a lot of books over time however this is my first blog where I write about my experiences that these books have on me. I think that its a writers duty to paint a picture in your head with every page of a book and thats why I enjoy reading.
I have a full time job and no its not staying at home with my 2 year old daughter however I would love to do that. I work in a doctors office as a receptionist I enjoy my day to day there I think part of that is because I can see some of the books that patients are reading.  I have a second job and thats being a mom and squeezing in my books where I can. I started this book blog because I have a love to share what I feel when I read these books.  I hope one day to be a real book reviewer or have more followers to where it makes an effect on what people choose to read and what they may not. However everything you read here is just an opinion of mine. So I hope you have fun and you enjoy!