Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tommy Nightmare

Ok JL Bryant you have me hooked all over agian. Really I was going to take a break from blogging and I did. However you book Tommy Nightmare has brought me back... I just have to say this book f*ing rocks. Ok I am sorry but I can totally see these books as a movie and well of course I now have what I think would be a great cast in mind. Well some of them and I totally wanted to share them all with you...Before I get to into that  I just have to say I am only going to be able to do reviews ever now and then my life with all the other things I have going on keep me busy. For some reason I have to share my thoughts of books and this is the only way to do it that I feel helps people... So down to business of sharing what few people I have picked out for this book if it ever becomes a moive...

For the Lovely Jenny    Christa Allen yes well you may have seen her lately on Revenge! However I could see her as Jenny

What of Seth you ask well  Trevor Donavon played Teddy on 90210  totally a Seth

How about Ashley well this one was piece of cake for me... When I first read this book I knew who should play her... Anna Lynn Mccord

Now on for the Tommy  Keegan Allen... Hello if you have not see him check him out on Pretty little Liars!!!

Now for Esmeralda this one is hard I am thinking...... Selena Gomez. I think she could pull it off...

Last but not least so far my favorite in all of my books Alexander....

The hot Mark Salling yes the one and only Hot as hot Mark Salling 

that is all for now....!!!!