Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Fun Day Review

That's right I finished Forgotten April By Robyn Bradley! I have to say first the cover doesn't do this book justice. I know your all saying never judge a book by its cover but come on sometime you just do! I also know it has been a little bit since I finished my last book. Sorry crazy family drama and what not going on but now that's all taken care of I hope. Now on to my review of this book. I made sure to take notes to now so my reviews would be a little more well better! Ok so with all that lets dive in. I thought from reading the description of the book that this was going to be a little different however I was not disappointed in it at all. It was a little hard to get into cause in many ways who in the hell wants to be depressed the whole time. Seriously I read the first few pages and almost gave up.  April has no clue she has a sister only to find out she does and this sister is a Maggie Prescott a TV news anchor. I come from a family where we are kind of split my dad has two girls with his ex wife who well they just kinda of popped up one day so I can understand where April is coming from but still. So Maggie wants to take care of there mother who is in a Nursing home that April works in Kate is her name she has Alzheimer and cant remember anything.  As the story goes on it does tend to jump around from person to person but it ties in nicely. Maggie while doing her show never notices the guy standing behind her on the other side of the window at the nursing home until she watches it in the editing stage and that's when your introduced to Nigel. Ok who cant love a guy with a accent well he has got one. You learn more of him and Maggie's ties as you read on. Hazel is a the lady that in the end almost seems like she is the puppet master not in a bad way. She holds all the cards to each and every person that she holds dear and after her passing they play out just perfect.  When I was reading and your introduced to Hugh I pictured Shaun Connery hello cause he is a hot old dude well kinda.
I about die reading the parts about Aprils husband and son passing it kills me that in her grieving she kinda looses it by waking up in the middle of the night and placing her sons toys out only so he can trip over them in the morning like her son came back and put them there for her.
I find so may things  in April and Maggie the way they hold their emotions for each other and people around them.
I did find a few funny things in the book for you here are a few
"Just because I am who I am doesn't mean I always get my way. Nor does it make me a complete bitch or a diva" -Maggie
"eight pound of pooping pile of flesh"
"Don't Settle for anything less then magic" now it that were true!

I have to say a lot of things keep this book moving along the different relationships that each person carries and the way that they all tie in its amazing. If you are wanting a heart warming story this is one that is just that Happy ending and all. It gives you that little bit of sadness only to bring back the love you feel for these people. I think that anyone who reads this book can find away to relate to this book.

VERY GOOD I WOULD READ AGAIN. I hope you enjoyed!

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