Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jenny Pox

I have to say this now AMAZING!!!!!!! I loved every part of this book. I felt for Jenny and how she walks around covered so she cant touch anyone. I mean really could you even imagine going a whole day and not being able to touch anyone.

In the opening you read about Jenny as a little girl she is searching for something that she thinks is a rattle only to find its a snake she of course    ends up killing this snake. (not that I minded cause I hate snakes.) From the start you could feel her sadness. As she grows up shes is left alone for the most part except for one instance on the playground. ( I will leave this one for you to read)

As she gets further along she gets into high school of course there is that group of girls the "popular girl" Ashleigh  I will leave out my choice words of her. I knew a girl some what like Ashleigh when I was in school and well she wasn't nice either. I wanted to jump in this book and slap her into a locker and shut it for the rest of the book. I would loved to see the pictures of Jenny and Seth dressed up as zombie vampires I can picture that in my head but to see what it would look like on screen in real life would be amazing. Oh Seth I almost forgot what an amazing boy to stand by Jenny the popular football player falling for the outcast girl. After he saves her dog they are insuperable. That is as long as Ashleigh doesn't try to throw herself at him. Jenny finds someone who loves her for her and someone she can touch. Amazing teenage love story from start to finish a little teenage drinking and sex in this book but really anymore that's kind of common in books.

I want to thank the Bookish Brunette for the blog post she did of this book because with out her post I wouldn't have found this book. seriously if you have not checked her out please do. Shes got amazing picks. With out her and a few other great blog friends I don't know if I would have continued this blog. Ok so teats all for now.

Next book for me is going to be
This book sounds amazing and its time for this one!
BTW so you guys know I will have a web cam soon so that I can do some v blogs. Here is the thing though I don't have any book books right now everything I read is on the kindle. That is all about to change though with some help from Kristen at I love you for the give away books and cant wait to receive them in the mail! Oh and for me not posting for a long time sorry I had a hectic week last week. SO I will try to better this week. Promise.

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  1. This one sounds fabulous. I will have to look into procuring a copy of it. :)