Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Review Day

Ok lets say first that last night I went to Michael Buble's Concert and he is one hell of a show man. That was the best concert I have been to. So with that out of the way lets get this under way!

Well its Saturday and review day! I have a few reviews of books that I have just finished up not that long ago. Book Number one on the block is Lisa Wisdom's Demons are A Girls Best Friend  I have to say that girls who kick ass rocks! This book gets you into the action right away!
Loved this book! If you like books on Witches and Demons who fall for one another and save a life at the same time you will like this book!  I however was a little disappointed it doesn't have one to follow. That is the only piece that I think is missing.
Some snips of the book for you that I loved

"My Dreams usually involve old boyfriends who suddenly sprout fangs and fur" Maggie said
"We're the SEALS, Recon, Green berets, Ranger and Black Ops rolled into one violent package. We do the dirty work and make things go away."

The way she wrote this book held my interest. However I was hoping for a little more mystery behind it but that maybe due to the fact that I have read a lot of James Patterson Novels in the past.
Great book very Fast read if your looking for a rainy day book.

With that being Said on to the next book. This one falls out of the Paranormal Urban Fantasy realm that I am in normally and this is just more of a Suspense/Mystery book.  So Drum Roll please!!!!!
I give you Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins! Not bad I liked it but not a lot. would I recommend spending the 7.99 on it most likely not. If it was a 2.99 yes I would.
This book has a chapter for each person in the book and sometimes skips around with out context. I however did enjoy the story. It does keep the story going for each of the 3 girls and they could have maybe been split up into 3 different books.  I know that there is a series and I think this is the last book. I however don't think I would read any of the others.  I do however find it funny that one of the people in this book is a lady gaga sounding girl but a little more hard core. If you like sex drugs and murder then you get a little taste of it in this book and more. 
A little snip from it here you go.
Three twenty-something women, one hot rich guy, two mega movie stars, and a devastating murder: Poor Little Bitch Girl has it all.

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